Our first CS Client, Live.

First client CS Site. (v1.3.3)

Please NO TEST Orders, this is a live working site.


Customer Modifications:

-Ratings on product listing

-Newegg style Image Viewer

-Brand logo shown on product listing

-Homepage and Categories, have configurable “hot items”, “featured products”, “on sale products”, and “most popular brands”

-Root categories, and 1st sublevel categories have Full brand listings.

-Each category has a configurable Category Header Graphic

-Integrated image gallery

-Selecting a Brand under a category , gives only those items under that category and brand, not every item for that brand.

Admin Modifications:

-Image Gallery Module

-Maxmind Fraud Detection module (the one thats now available in 1.3.4, we paid for it)

-Yahoo Data feed module

-Custom Category Ajax box (no dropdowns for categories, as we have over 5000)

-configurable “hot items”, “featured products”, “on sale products”, and “most popular brands” on any category or homepage.

-Previous/Next Order on order details page, (no longer have to go back to Order listings)

-All images use GD module during upload for custom image viewer, with Watermark.

-All categories have custom graphical header upload avail.

-Minimum Advertised price module, shows MRSP until product is added to cart, then shows “real” price

-Product price notification by email, some products we cannot sell online or give a price, we have an email box for users to enter email and get automated reply with product details and price.

Nicely done. I like the scheme and the dhtml menu.

Excellent site, I wouldnt have expected anything else…

but…(theres always a but from me)

I think something needs to be done about the categories…

I really hate CS-carts default way of displaying the categories with a simple listing, it almost seems like a wasted page !

It would also be nice if CS-Cart automatically hid categories which had no items available, I personally think people get the wrong idea if they start seeing “there are no products under this category”

2nd one was of course a general rant, not directly related…

Its coming…

Each category listing page thats blank will eventually have HOT ITEMS, FEATURED PRODUCTS and ON SALE Items listed to fill the void.

The client jsut hasnt gotten around to adding them.

basically will match the homepage for product fill on subcat pages.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Any chance of posting the code for this :

-All categories have custom graphical header upload avail.

Was going to do it myself, but no point re-inventing the wheel !

I Love the image gallery too, Altough no good to me, certainly makes a nice

addon for the store…

Possibly, but this store is 1.3.3.

lovely site.

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Possibly, but this store is 1.3.3.[/quote]

Im quite good at working from example :smiley:

@et: nice site!

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Nice site, now fix us up with a coupon for a chatterbox