osCommerce to CS-Cart?

We are starting a new site and we need to import just the products and product categories from our suppliers site running on osCommerce to our new site running CS-Cart 3.0.4. What do we need to know before doing this? Any tips, tricks and/or suggestions on how to proceed to minimize issues? Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated, cheers :-)

You need to export all your data, then map the column names to the importable field names of CS-Cart.

Can anyone confirm if a SQL injection would work to import products from osCommerce to CS-Cart 3.0.4?

Man, the easiest way is to just use Cart2Cart for this. You'll get all of your data and then you can develop the 3.x site. Then when you are ready to go live, you can just do another Cart2Cart transfer and get all of the rest of your orders and users.

I posted somewhere on here how to do the 301 redirects too, but if you need a hand, let me know.



Brandonvd is right, Cart2Cart migration service is the best solution for data transfer. The whole process is automated, so you do not require special skills to perform it. The scenario of migration to CS-Cart is described here:

Migration Scenario for Open Source Shopping Carts | Cart2Cart™

You will have to take only several steps to prepare for migration and then follow detailed instruction which will guide you through the whole process. Demo migration for free is available, so you can try to transfer data and see the results immediately. Don't bother about migration issues or data loss. We have already taken care to make you store migration secure and accurate.

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I would like to note that you are planning to build a CS-Cart store for one of your clients and it will be the first CS-Cart license for him/her, I recommend you consider our special offer regarding Cart2Cart service:


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