Orders stuck in Abandoned/live

Can anyone tell me why all my orders now get stuck in the Abandoned / Live order section ?

I get the ordered and complete them but find the same order in there so have to delete it. If I don’t when the customer logs in again they have a filled shopping cart of their last order.

This is on 3.6

Would assume you have an issue whereby the user's cart is not beling cleared from the database once the order is processed. Once the fn_place_order() routine completes and an order_id has been established, the controller will delete the cart from the user's session and remove it from the stored carts in the database. Something is not completing properly in your environment.

But what can I do to make sure the controller runs every time ?

Identify what is causing the cleanup not to be executed.

The fn_order_placement_routines() function has a parameter of $clear_cart. If true (and $error == false), the cart will be removed from the user's environment and deleted from the cscart_session_products table. But note that this variable can also be affected via the 'place_order' hook. So it's possible you have an addon on your system that is setting it to 'false'.

You'll have to instrument the code and find if $clear_cart is not being set to true and/or where $error is true.

It is an investigative task that will take some time and detail. There is no pat answer.