orders status


we get all the order that our customers made in status "FAILED " instead “PROCCESSD”. in paypal the payment is OK.

I have one more cs-cart system on other server (same company and same details) and there it’s work properly.

can you please tell me why is that and which file I need to check in purpose to fix this problem?

thanks you in advance

depending on the version, i remember a thread here and one in the bug tracker

search “paypal open” or “paypal fail” and you should find them.

I searched but didn’t find solution to my problem

I’ll be happy to get some help…

Try here. This sounds like the issue you are seeing.

problems with paypal continues, I have been looking for a solution , asking for a fix, and come back to this forum over and over and no one gives me any answer.

The thing is that if a customer select paypal as payment and changes his mind at the last second and does not pay, the order is still placed, it is open, yet neither the seller nor the customer gets a message.

You have no idea the sales I’m losing because of this,my store is new so probably people think it twice when reaching the final step: the payment. yet if they receive a polite order confirmation and the indication that they can complete the order at any time, this might convince them. if they do not receive anything, they automatically think they just didn’t place the order and most do not go thru the steps again. Those few who do it, make a second order which it is totally unnecessary and with less items than before. So I lose, lose and lose all the way.

I contacted cs-cart support team for this issue and here it is the answer:

“Unfortunately it is a default CS-cart functionality. There is no ability to get an email notification in this case in default CS-Cart.

I have forwarded your request as a suggestion to our architects. Most probably it will be changed into one of our nearest versions of CS-Cart.

Sorry for possible inconveniences.”

So this means I either upgrade or stay like this? I am not thinking of upgrading to a totally new version, I have done many changes to the current version and I still have not tried 2.0. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but don’t you think this is a very serious problem that deserves a real solution not this answer?

It is not silly matter, I do not ask for a design change or a super mega special mod very complex and difficult to make.

If an order is made and stays open, how come the customer is not going to know this? :confused:

Please, if anyone can help me with this, I’d truly appreciate it.