Orders not showing up

I have client that told me that they have orders that haven't been showing up, but they are getting the paypal payments from the orders.

Everything has been working fine before so i'm not sure what could be the peoblem.

Any insight would be appreciated.

By “not showing up” do you mean they are not in the list of orders in your admin? Or do you mean you're not getting email confirmations? Or both?

My client didn't mention not getting the notification email but i'm assuming she didn't. Yes, the orders not showing up in the orders list.

I have been having the same problem. The only way I know the customer placed the order is the noticed sent out by PayPal. This does not happen with every order.

The order does not show up in the orders view. It shows as an abandoned cart.

Do you mean it shows up as an Incomplete Order?

Incomplete Orders paid via PayPal are not getting the response from PayPal that they are paid, so the order isn't updated to Processed status - instead it appears to be abandoned and therefore updated to Incomplete status.