Orders Department Notification not being sent on specific orders

I have an issue where two successful orders did not send notifications to the orders department. I did confirm through some email logs that the customer did receive the notification, though I may be seeing a different notification.

Here’s how I have orders statuses set up:

Open: notify customer

Processed: notify customer, notify orders department.

Backordered: No notification

So the notification sent to the customer I saw in logs may have been the “open” trigger notification.

In the cscart logs, however, I see some oddness. These are digital products, I have inventory tracking turned off, I’m allowing negative quantities and each product has 10000 qty.

Each order logged has an entry for Status Change → Status: Backordered → Open. Why is each order being changed to backorder when it shouldn’t be? Am I reading this information incorrectly?

Successful orders prior and post these two orders (two in question were not successive orders) – each had Status: Processed before Status: Backordered.

My two outliers had Status:Backordered before the Status: Processed trigger. That may be a red herring, but the only consistent thing I saw between those two and the sampling of successful order notifications I had.

Can anyone help unravel this?

Thanks in advance!