Ordered Products List

Because many of our orders come from the same customers ordering mostly the same products every month, I want to make this as easy and quick as possible.

In My Account I would like a menu item called My Ordered Products were the customer can see all products he has ordered on one page rather than having to go through old orders and find the products.

The page should contain:

1. Product names

2. Code

3. Picture

4. Price (last order)

5. Discount or net price (last order)

6. Quantity (last order)

7. Total quantity ordered

8. Order date (last order)

And should be able to sort by any of the above.

It also needs a REORDER THIS PRODUCT button next to the products for easy reordering.

I am no expert but the Table: cscart_order_details seems have most of the required data.

Has anybody created something like it or is there an add-on that can do it?

Here is a screen shoot of how another, company very similar to ours, has solved this.

Thanks all

We have done this kind of addon before and feel free to contact us here.

We failed to find such a module on the marketplace. Our team is always at your service.

Please check cs-cart ordered product history add-on. Here is the link for marketplace http://marketplace.cs-cart.com/add-ons/customer-experience/ordered-product-history.html

Thank you