Order Totals Incorrect In Admin

see attachment, weird one.

I have checked freight settings OK, taxes, OK, Currencies OK (but disabled to check anyway) OK. not sure where to look now.

Seems to affect only paypal payments, I have done test telephone orders which total oK.

Only think I have done different since not having problem was alter “order statuses” to suit us. I have checked them and see nothing out of ordinary.

anyone have any clues please.




hi John,

possibly non-default customization changed total and its modifier is not displayed in order statistics

on the other side it may be related to RMA module however in the attachment no keywords about fact of return for the order.

are you able to reproduce it for the same product and user?

best regards,

WSA team

Its happened on a few orders now, it is not adding the cost of the products, just the delivery and tax charges, though full costs are past for payment and recieved, so we arent missing any money. Its just the customer is getting wrong costs emailed through.

I have done a few test live orders and order is placed and paid via paypal, when looking in admin total is correct in list view, but when clicking into the actual order it changes to show just carraige and tax charges

I cant see that editing order statuses would cause this.

Its definately related to products with options modifiers, items without order price does not change


THen view order list in admin


Then go into order details


Then come back out of order details






this issue should be analyzed so please don't hesitate to contact us.

best regards,

WSA team

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