Order Subtotal Promotion Bug?

hello, I've spotted an issue. Not sure if is a bug ?

A ) product 1 = price $150

B ) setup Cart discount code “xyz” will bring product 1 to fix price of $90

C ) setup Cart order subtotal discount of equal or greater $100 will get a free product

customer add product 1 to cart. free product gets added into the cart which is normal.

customer then use the discount code “xyz” and applied it. cart subtotal becomes $90.

but free product does not get removed.

Does anybody have the same issue? I'm running version 4.1.3

any help will be gladly appreciated.

Thank you

i've the same problem (my version is 4.1.3), with the previous version of cs-cart 4.0.x it worked fine

You can submit this bug report here http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/