Order Status - status identification letter ?

I have noticed when i log in to my admin area that the orders are looking very strange.

they are not showing the correct Total paid.

so i thought maybe it was because i added a new order status called shipped .

i changed one of them back to processed and the total paid went up.

so my question is . is this related to the status identification letter and if so where is the documentation on these letters ?

why is it that the total paid breaks when i create my own order status?

If this is repeatable, you should report it as a bug in the Bug Tracker - the oreder totals should not change.

One workaround may be to just change the description for the “C” (Completed) status to “Shipped”.


To answer your question:

The code where it calculate the total paid

In controllers/admin/index.php

$orders_stats['year_orders']['totals'] = db_get_row("SELECT SUM(IF(status = 'C' OR status = 'P', total, 0)) as total_paid, SUM(total) as total, COUNT(*) as amount FROM ?:orders WHERE timestamp >= ?i AND timestamp <= ?i", mktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, $today['year']), TIME);

as shown, the status that is taken into account is

status = 'C' OR status = 'P'

if you want to add your shipped status into the count,

for example, if your “shipped” status’s identification letter is “S”. then in index.tpl,

for $orders_stats[‘weekly_orders’][‘totals’] , $orders_stats[‘monthly_orders’][‘totals’] , $orders_stats[‘year_orders’][‘totals’] ,


status = 'C' OR status = 'P'


status = 'C' OR status = 'P' OR status = 'S'

should work