Order Status & Payment Method Missing


I’ve created a duplicate of the invoice template files and made the necessary modifications to the allow two different invoices (Customer & Internal) to be printed either singularly or in bulk however form the Internal (which is just a duplicate of the original invoice with a few changes) the ‘Order Status’ & ‘Payment Method’ values are missing yet the ‘Shipping Method’ & ‘Order Date’ are displayed OK.

Anyone have any idea why this might be?


I think, some vars are empty in the smarty side in your duplicate invoice (such as status_settings, payment_method).

Please check, whether these variables are added in php side.

$view->assign('payment_method', fn_get_payment_data((!empty($order_info['payment_method']['payment_id']) ? $order_info['payment_method']['payment_id'] : 0), $order_info['order_id'], $lang_code));
$view->assign('order_status', fn_get_status_data($order_info['status'], STATUSES_ORDER, $order_info['order_id'], $lang_code, $order_info['company_id']));
$view->assign('status_settings', fn_get_status_params($order_info['status']));

Thank you.

Thanks Alt-team you were spot on!