Order Status, For Digital Products


is there any workflow or Addon, if a users cart only exists digital products, and the order is paid, that the status will set to Completed, instead of orders with shipped products who are set to default status of payment module (in our case "In Processing").

Order with or without Digital Products, who are not paid

-> Order Status set to "Open" (We can set it by payment addon)

Order with shipping products and (or not) with digital products

-> Order Status set to "In Processing"

Order only with digital Products, who does not need to ship

-> Order Status set to "Completed" (We did not have any solution yet).



Could you describe with more details, what do you want to achieve? Because it is not clear to me, what functionality do you want to be implemented, and under which circumstances the order should receive different status.

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You can ause hooks in the fn_change_order_status function. If order status is set to Processed, check order content and change final status to Processed or Completed

We failed to find such a module on the marketplace