Order Status Changes in 4.0.1

I am having a problem in 4.0.1 with changing the order status to complete. I can change the order status to any other status, but for some reason I can’t mark my orders complete.

When I do try and change the status, I get:

ErrorOops, something went wrong (Internal Server Error). Please try again.

Anyone have any ideas?




error 500 ?

option htacces ? (remove +FollowSymLinks )

or bad chmod ?


Brandon, look at the ajax response in fire bug. It will probably show you the pup notice it can't parse.


Thanks for the advice.

I did like Tony said and took a look at the errors in Firebug. It is a 500 error, but I don't have the +FollowSymLinks in my .htaccess file, so I can't remove them.

This is what the error says:

"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - https://www.domain.com/admin.php?dispatch=orders.update_status&id=20150&status=C&return_url=admin.php%3Fdispatch%3Dorders.details%26order_id%3D20150&result_ids=order_summary%2Corder_extra_tools%2Ccontent_downloads"

Any ideas?




rename .htaccess .htacces_bak

URL rewritting = off

test > ?


More than likely it is dir/file permission issues. If running suPHP, chmod dirs to 755 and files to 644 throughout and ensure all files and directories are owned by the cpanel user/group. The document root directory (usually public_html) itself should be mode 750 and owned by the cpanel user but with group 'nobody'.

You can also look at your Apache logs (not PHP error_log) and it will tell you why the 500 error was generated.

So we figured out what the problem was. The client installed YOTOPO or whatever into their store and we didn't know it. Apparently that addon isn't compatible with version 4.x. Once the addon was disabled, the status changed just fine.

Thank you guys for all of your help though, I really appreciate it.


What is YOTOPO?

[quote name='tbirnseth' timestamp='1383720655' post='171077']

What is YOTOPO?


A review service.


Sorry, it is YOTPO. You can see them at https://www.yotpo.com/ Kind of a neat service, but last time I checked, they own all of your reviews and stuff. Not sure if I love that.