Order Status Change And Checkout Super Slow! Any Fix?

Hi All,

So, we are finding areas of CS-Cart are terribly slow. Specifically, when completing an order in checkout or when a Vendor changes the status of an order in the Admin Panel it takes FOREVER.

We have been building our marketplace for months and preparing to launch soon, but this speed issue might change things. So far we like CS-Cart, but fear that this speed issue may result in us having to choose a different marketplace vendor and pivot to them.

Has anyone here faced this type of issue?

I've attached a video (sorry for the quality), but you will see it takes over a minute just to mark 4 orders as completed. Any high volume seller wouldn't be ok with this.

You can check out our beta site here: www.testimagine.com

I appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.


Reson is sending mails, use cart powers mails delay addon

Contact CS-Cart support team. There was an issue with email sending. It can cause such issue