Order status automatically changes to 'Complete' when a new order is placed

I am trying to hunt down an issue. When a new order is placed on my site the order status is automatically changed to ‘Complete’ in my cs cart admin.

In addition, I also get two emails on order creation. The first is an Order Placed email, the second is an Order Completed email. Both of these emails occur when an order is placed, causing me to receive two emails for every order placed.

Does anyone know how to stop fix this issue or what might be causing it
Capture 1

What payment method do you use?

I’m using Paypal express


Please check what order statuses are selected for the Created, Pending, Completed, Processed and Voided transaction statuses in the PayPal order status conversion map at the PayPal payments add-on settings.

Support is right. Please check it at first

My settings did not match your screenshot. I’ve edited it to match. Thank you for all your help.