Order Reports based on product options

Hi, I am running v1.3.4-sp3.

I am currently creating a product that represents a voting system between two different person’s names.

I have done this by creating the product and adding two radio group product options. One for each name (Sara Smith and John Mark).

The user, when selecting this product pays $1 to vote for either John or Sara and can only select one radiogroup.

Everything here is running fine. I am trying to figure out how to track sales of this product based on the different product options. I want to know how many times John has been ordered in comparison to how many times Sara has been ordered. This would allow me to track the votes in a very simple manner.

As of now, my only solution is to do away with the product options for a single product and to instead create John and Sara as two separate products. I do not like this solution as I find it confusing to the user.

Does anyone have any tips for creating an order report in this situation. Thanks.