Order Processing

Since we are re-engineering our order fulfillment system I would like to know the algorithm that CS cart uses to list items on the sales Order...the order as they appear seems to be random, or at least we do not see a reasonable or predictable ordering list.

Is it the order in which items were added to the shopping cart? The reverse? based on product placement parent to child to grandchild?

Thank you.

Generally it is the order they are added to the cart. You could use a hook to re-order them however you want if that had value to you.

What would the order matter for fulfillment?

The logic is very strange there. After some actions the order of products is changed

Some addons and promotions rewrite the cart.products and so the order can then change.

But if they need a specific order, they can use a hook to order it in whatever way they want following any recalculate (just need to set the priority high for that hook).