Order Processing is Reverse

My Order Processing Status appears to be reverse. If I change a status to “Processing”, the customer can RMA, cancel and Order, etc… Once I change it to complete, RMA / Cancel options disappear. This is really weird. I just noticed this today, so I have no idea how long it has acted this way.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or has a fix for this… before I add this to the bug tracker.

Assuming you mean status 'P' (the default name is Processed - i.e. payment is complete).

It makes no sense to RMA something at this point since it might not have even been shipped.

Do you have custom order statuses setup?

I totally agree about Processed and mine is 'P' for processed and 'C' for complete. What's odd is I have out of box statuses setup. Never had a need to modify. Here is the more oddest thing. If I change an order from complete to processed, UNCHECKING the notification boxes, the RMA appears. Once I perform the same step in reverse back to complete, RMA stays. That test seems to be linked to the notification checks.

Come to think about it, I wondering if this has something to do with why I haven't received transaction ID's from paypal as well since 2.0.

This site I has been upgraded since 2.0 and will be too much of a pain to rebuild.

So I recently decided to use a new paypal account for my site… after setting it up, transactions appear to be working with the cart.

I compared my new and old paypal accounts with a fine tooth comb, but could not find any differences. Go figure?? In anycase, i'm glad to finally report that the cart is functioning the way it should.