Order Id Number Stuck, Cant Place New Orders

I am running test orders and ran into a problem with the order id number. When one order is placed, another can not be placed. If on the customer end I try to place a second order, once click “place order” it lands on store closed page. The only way I can get another order to go through is to delete the first order. When I do that I can place another order but the order is assigned the same order ID each time…I dont even have this order id set as the initial order id value in the back end.


Set the initial order value to 100,000 and save.

Yea I did that, it doesnt work. I even tried setting the initial order value to 500 and it doesnt work.

Open the “config.php” and replace:

//define('DEVELOPMENT', true);


define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Try to place an order again and check if any error message is displayed.