Order Has "backordered" Status...can't Change

I've been using CS-Cart for almost seven years now and never had this that I can remember. I just had a customer place an order that zeroed out two of my products and now the order seems to be locked in a "Backordered" status. The customer has paid, and I have stock for everything they ordered. But on two of the items I am out of stock for further orders.

Why is this order showing as "Backorderd" and why can't I change it to "Processed" since I have the customer's money and everything is OK?

Thanks in advance.

I can't tell you why it occurred but add inventory to the products and then see if you can change the status.

Thanks, Tool. I did try that, but it didn't work. I increased the inventory on both products, but still the order status wouldn't change.

I did some searching and fold an old thread where Magpie Don said he came across this problem and what fixed it for him was to change the "Backordered" status to "Reduce Inventory" instead of "Increase Inventory" (which is the default). I don't understand why, but that worked.