Order Export Problems

I have two small issues I need to fix in order for my CS Cart order export to work smoothly my pitney bowes shipping software. Maybe someone here can help me out.

  1. When I configure the export, I select the fields I want. One of the fields I need is “shipping address (line 2)”. The issue is PB balks at the parenthesis () in it. I tried changing it in languae but it did not effect it. Any ideas how to change the text of what is puts in that first title row?

  2. I need to save the file as a comma seperated CSV. The default is semi colon. CS Cart does not save this in the export layout. Anyone know where the default is buried so I can just always have it start with the comma insetad of semi colon?


For the first one, in schemas/exim/orders.php you should have:

'Shipping: address (line 2)' => array (
'db_field' => 's_address_2',

Just remove the parenthesis from there and re-upload the file.

For #2, try changing skins/basic/admin/views/exim/components/csv_delimiters.tpl

It should be like"