Order Email

How do I change what is included in the email that goes out to a customer with their invoice? I am looking to edit what is in the header of the email and the footer, not the invoice.

It should all be included in the /skins/new_vision_red/mail/orders/invoice.tpl file.

Unfortunately it isn’t - that’s the invoice that is invoice.tpl

What he and I as well are looking for is the text:

Dear *insert user here*,

Thank you for your order made with our shopping system. You are welcome to come back!

This text is what I need to change, I've looked in letter_header.tpl, invoice.tpl, etc. etc.

Does anyone know where this info is being called from, it looks like because it's so deeply entrenched in the coding that it may be something you enter from the admin section. Anyone know?


Reference this thread for the answer:


It states where to change the text for the emails from the order status under the orders drop down in the admin section.

Thanks go to MikeFold