Order Discount

How can a apply a discount to a open order. By editing the order, it does not have a place or option where we can give a dicount on the total order. Is there any place we can enable so that it allows us to manually give discount on any open order. ver cscart 2.4.x


Create a coupon that is 'hidden' and then apply that coupon to the order.

When we edit the order, the only option I see is Gift Certificate. Do you mean to make a Gift Certificate and apply to the order? if yes this is what we are doing as a work around, but I wish there was a place available where you can enter your discount amount when editing an order.


Did you create a coupon promotion? You didn't mention it.

If you use coupons and promotions - any coupon used against a customer's order will be shown to the customer.

AKA don't use open-ended large discount coupons.

Yes, I tried the coupon option just right now - I created one Discount Coupon. I don't see a place where I can apply to an existing order. When we EDIT the order, it only shows a place to enter “Gift Certificate” on the “Totals” page. There is no place where you can enter the Discount Coupon.