Order department e-mail address

I have not tried yet, but is it possible to add more than one email address separated by semicolon so more than one person can be notified of an order?

Right now I have it setup to an email address and forward to multiple emails addresses.


i’m not positive, but i think you just need a comma separating the email addresses

Thanks for the reply. maybe i will try that. just worried that if it don’t work, we will miss orders.

Thanks again

What we do is setup email forwarders for each of the email addresses.

For example:

orders@yourdomain.com is put in cs-cart for orders emails.

Then in CPanel (or whatever you have that handles mail), just create a forwarder from orders@yourdomain.com to each of the people you want to get the email. You can add multiple forwarders for one email address, and they all will work.

orders@yourdomain.com ===> joe@yourdomain.com

orders@yourdomain.com ===> bob@yourdomain.com

orders@yourdomain.com ===> peg@yourdomain.com

I suggest NOT creating an email account for the orders@yourdomain.com because if no-one checks it, it’ll keep filling up. Of course, if you want a more permanent record of the order emails, then the account can be setup–just realize that you might have storage limitations at some point depending on your hosting account.


Thanks for the reply.

That’s the way I have it setup at the moment. i was just wondering if it was possible jus to add it in the company settings. By seperating by comma like MikeFold suggested did work for me. I always check the email that is fowarding just in case someone misses it and clear it. I think I will just keep the fowarding setup

Thanks again