order db info - doc

I wanted to know what all the ?:order_data type fields referred to.

I had to look through a number of files, but I found these so far:


T tax info (serialized)

P payment info (encrypted serialized)

S start order date (timestamp)

L shipping info (serialized)

Coupon and gift

C coupon (serialized)


U use gift certificates (serialized)

Rewards Points

W POINTS - reward points (int)




V ORDER_DATA_PRODUCTS_DELIVERY_DATE (timestamp) (this is set when status is ‘complete’)


A affiliate info (serialized)

There are probably more, if you know, add them here.

I often need to go into the db to look at stuff manually. If everything were documented, it would be so awesome.

I noticed they use PHPDoc notes on many files, but not enough to organize it into a API. If they sorted stuff into groups and categories via PHPDoc, it would be easy to create a nice specification. Though then examples would be needed as well. I wonder if PHPDoc has a feature to add comments to doc pages, then we could put examples as we came across them.

I tried running php doc to generate some manuals, but it was a large failure. Ended up being hundreds of megs because of all the libraries and stuff. I tried doing only the core dir but that didn’t help much either.