order confirmation page text issue

Can someone tell me why the word “Order” appears into my order confirmation page…?

I dont think it make sense…unless there will be other info related to the order that should be there and are not appearing

If it not supposed to be there can you let me know where do I delete it?

Please check the attached file

This is set by the checkout.complete template requesting the 'order' language variable ($lang.order) - you can change the word 'Order' to something more appropriate for you, via Administration>Languages, search for Variable 'order' and change the Value for the 'order' Variable.

Alternatively, you could remove it altogether if need be by altering the checkout complete template, located depending on your version of the cart:




At the end of complete.tpl, remove the following:

{capture name="mainbox_title"}{$lang.order}{/capture}

worked great thank you…I used admin/languages to change it