order completed email notification


I wanted to add extra email notifications upon completion of successful orders. I thought if I modified the function “fn_order_placement_routines” inside of “core/fn_cart.php” it would work. But this function never gets called upon successful order completion from the shopping cart. I thought if I added it to payment_cc.php it would do it, but it gave me duplicate confirmation emails. Can you point to what functions I should be modifying? I can’t find anything that calls the email template “orders/order_notification_completed.tmpl”.


I have the same need - hopefully someone already has the answer.

is this when the customer makes an order initially? or after you go into the admin and process it to complete?

hi, just a question: any idea why when I manually change the order status from the admin backend only customer get the notification email? I would like to receive all the emails that customer receive.

many thanks in advance.