Order completed but administrator not being notified

When I first set up CS Cart many moons ago, I was notified by email when a customer completed their order.

Then about a year ago it stopped sending me emails.

I did not change anything.

My customers are still getting their emails when they complete an order. However, I am not notified when they complete an order.

In in Administrationà Order Statuses, in the Paid “edit email sent to Administrator”, it is set to Active.

I can send a test email and it comes through to me, but when a customer completes an order and it is set to Paid, an email does not get sent to me.

I also have my Administrationà Administrator notifications with a check mark in “Order status changed to Paid”.

Is there another setting that could have been changed by mistake someplace that I am missing?

It would be nice to be to know what I have an order in the Paid status so I can complete it.

Do you get any kind of error when trying to send notification? (ex. when you’re changing customer account data)
Have you checked if your SMTP settings are configured correctly?

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I don’t get any errors that I know of. As I said, I can send a test notification to myself in the admin area, and I receive it.
Here is a screen shot of my STMP page in my admin.
I am not sure if it is right.
As I said, it worked before.
If the SMTP was not set up properly, wouldn’t it now send out any emails?
My customers are getting emails telling them that their orders are complete. But I am not getting one.

I can’t seem to find a way to attach the image. so here is a link to the image.

Yes, if settings were not correct, you would see an error pop up when sending mail.

Go to Administration->Notifications-> Administrator notifications. In the top of each section you will see Receivers. Make sure you see the administrators name in each. You can also add additional emails if you would like to send to more than one.

Edit: I just read your original post and it sounds like you are using the old email method. If so, this will not apply.

Edit2: I have seen posts related to using gmail so try a forum search.

Settings smtp is not corrected. You need to decide whether you want to send mail via php or via smtp.

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I read the CS Cart article on gmail and created the mail.php file and it returns an “OK”.

I have tried using the following for SMTP Host:



I have verified that my gmail password was correct.

I have set user encryption connection to SSL.

I even tried TLS.

They all saved but I still could not get an admin email.

I went back and tried putting a checkmark in Use SMTP authentication. When I did that and saved it, I got an error message.

I don’t understand why it will send emails out to customers that have gmail emails but it will not send one to my gmail email?

I think I got it working.
I set up the SMTP but used the “via php mail function”.
I post and let everyone know when I get a real order.

Here is a follow up.
This is aggravating. I hope someone can help me.
After I set up the SMTP and set the method for sending emails to “via php mail function”.
I can now change the status of someone order to paid and I will receive and email letting me know that there is a paid order waiting.
However, when a customer pays for their order and it goes to a PAID status, I do not get an email.
What gives here?

Try to disable 3party addons and check again. They can cause such issue if everything is configured correctly

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You can contact us via Help Desk on this case.

I do not have any 3rd party addons installed. I have only been using what came with CS-Cart.
Is there a way to temporarily turn off all add-ons to try this?

If you have set it as via php mail function then you are not using the smtp settings at all.
And if you use via php mail function your delivery will usually be bad. It could be 1 type of mail (in this case paid) contains something that is stopping it from being delivered, like a link (I have had this in the past).

First try SMTP and google smtp although this is also causing a lot of problems always…

It really is best to move to a professional email service (think mailgun, mandrill, etc) and use their smtp server… and if it still doesn’t work then you can be sure you probably have a problem.

There are buttons “Disable Third-party add-ons” and “Disable all add-ons” under the rack on add-ons list.

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I did realize how to do that. What I meant to ask was, is there a way to disable all third-party add-ons all at once without having to go in and disable each one of them, one at a time?
The add-ons that I have active where the ones that came with CS-Cart and were on by default when CS-Cart was installed.

In this case please contact support team. It is required to examine issue on your server directly

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