Order before xx and we send

Hallo there im looking for a mod that can show the customer when they have to order a item so that it will be send the same day.

Just like this img.

It stand on danish and i will try to translate it for you.

" If you order within

“showing time”

will we ship you pack today (or tomorrow)

The site i toke it from have the “order and we send same day time on 15:00”

Is there a way to count down to a event like this on every product ?

Any one know ?

bump ? any one that can help ?

as a mod i have no idea how to it but…

if you or your people are on the site and watching the orders then you can install a javascript countdown timer. just search on google and choose the one you like.

you can then insert the script as a banner block and each time you want to change the time you just need to play with the script where the timer is.

i think this option can help you for now.