I have a few products that I allow customers to engrave. Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to have an Engraving Option and it the option is checked the engraving lines become available to enter?

  2. Other than using RegExp, is there a way to limit the characters on each line? If not, does this expression work if I want them to max out at 12 characters? ^([0-9a-zA-Z!@#$%^&*()-_=+ ]){0,12}$

    Thanks for your help!


I would appreciate any help on this one.



Just to follow-up on my own thread. I just entered the RegExp. I can’t find a way to have an option enable other options.

So my customers will just need to remember to check for engraving and then fill out the fields.

One thing I wish CS-Cart did was shorten the text area to the characters allowed. I can see customers entering an entire line of text and then when they try to add it to cart, it will tell them that they have exceeded the number of characters allowed.

My old shopping cart did that.



I had cs-cart build a maxlength mod for 1.3.5. Cost close to 200.00. Only allowed a certain number of characters to be entered.

In the current version, you use the regexp as you do. It should give a warning on the product page as to the max length and you could have the warning in the text box, such as " enter up to XX Characters".

Will allow more to be entered, but then give an error message before it is added to the cart. I am going to try this before spending more on another maxlength mod for the current version.


Using 1.3.5 I had a client that needed to allow engraving on products. Cs-cart did not have this feature, so I created a simple mod to make text fields required and have a specified max length. You can see the mod at [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=8769[/url]

It is quite simple and should be very easy to incorporate into 2.0.x version of the cart.



Thanks for the reply. I would be very interested in what you have in the other post. Can I see an example of it working?

What would it take to get that up to version 2.0.x?



One site is http://www.homeschooldiploma.com

The needed a way for people to enter the text fields for the diplomas, but limit the length.