I have a product with 20 different sizes, I would like for each to show as an option.

Currently with the price field for this group of items left blank (on General info from admin panel) the message [Contact us for price] is displayed to the customer.How can I get rid of the “contact us for price” ? Alternatively, how do I get nothing to be displayed on the price field unless a valid option is picked for this group of items.

This is what I mean…


looks like it’s working as you descripbed, did you fix this?

No its not working as desired. Am getting the 0.00 price to show on the invalid item “Click to Select–>” I would like to use this text just as a placeholder to ensure that customers always consciously make a selection for an item and that a valid item does not appear by default.

Alternatively I can do away with the placeholder text if the “Contact us for price” did not show for unpriced items. Thanks

I know that a while back there was some discussion of if the price was $0.00 than istead of a price it would just show as “free”

The link to the discussion is [URL=“http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=425&highlight=price+%3D+0”]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=425&highlight=price+%3D+0[/URL]

I am sure that you can adapt this to have it say what you want. I have never tried this so I won’t be any help.

Also as long as a selection is made everything works fine. Even if there is no selection made the product is still added to the cart, but with a $0.00 amount.

Hopefully this was some help.


I think I’ll go with leaving it to show a price of 0.00 for my place holders. Thanks for the replies.