Options with prices

Doing an eval of CS-Cart. I have a food product that has 6 different varieties and I want a buyer to be able to choose different quantities of each variety. For instance, they may not want a certain variety, and want 3 of another. But I want the total ordered to add up to 6 to qualify for flat-rate shipping. Is there any way I can add quantitiy selections to options? I'd rather not have to create 6 seperate products if it could be accomplished in one product listing. Possible?

Thanks for the help.

They should all relate to the same product, just with different options. You would specify in the shipping options for the product that you can do 1-6 items per box.

Thanks for the reply. It's not the shipping I'm concerned about. I've got that figured out. It's being able to add quantities to options. Think of it this way. I have a listing for a shirt with color options of blue, red and green. Instead of saying I want 1 shirt and I choose the option green, I want to be able to say I want that shirt and I want 2 green, 1 blue and 1 red all at the same time for a total of 5 shirts from one product listing with options.

Your need would also fit with my wish that cs-cart could use “Products as Options”.

Is it something like this


this was a test thing I hade done by the alt team a while back but not gone much farer with it since, give them a bell.

there is also cs cart rocks addon here [url=“CS-Cart Mix Order Quantity Discount”]http://www.cscartrocks.com/cs-cart-mix-order-quantity-discount.html[/url]

may do what you want

Thanks for the replies. I think I was just overlooking the obvious. I can have multiple options so people could pick a certain flavor and add say, 5 or 6 to the cart, then choose another flavor and add 3. CSC even has the ability to show the variants as pictures, so I think I'm all set. Now if I could just get the darn drop down menus to slow down.