Options with Inventory Checkers

Hi, just wondering if anyone has similar configuration and wishes to learn how to get it done.

I has an item which comes in 3 sizes, 'SMALL', 'MEDIUM' and 'LARGE'.

The sizes are optioned in the item as 'Sizes Available'.

EG 01: All sizes have only 1 piece in stock, items total quantity is 3. But when customer shop in store, they can choose 'LARGE', set quantity to '2', add to cart and make payment for it while in actual fact there is only one 'LARGE' size item in quantity.

How can I configure the item to work with options and quantity?

Thanks in advance…

I would also love this option

In the product configuration “Pricing/Inventory” section, you need to set inventory to “Track with Options”… Then you can edit your inventory and define how many of each you have. If they try to add more than what you have in stock, it will give them an error message telling them they are ordering more than you have in stock