Options vs Features

Maybe this is a basic question, but I'm really confused about it.

What is the difference between options and features in CS-Cart? Can you give me a real world example please?


You can buy options , for ex: blue t-short, blue:option, t-short:product

Features are just specifications and you can filter products base on features

ex: [url=“http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-XE303C12-A01US-Chromebook-Wi-Fi-11-6-Inch/dp/B009LL9VDG/”]http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-XE303C12-A01US-Chromebook-Wi-Fi-11-6-Inch/dp/B009LL9VDG/[/url]

I hope that helps,


Thank you, that was very useful.

I just created a feature group “Size Group”, and tried to add a product filter based on that. But I can’t see the new “size group” feature in the select box. I can only see price and free shipping.

Please see the attached images. Any idea?


:) no, no

Size Group needs to be a feature check bellow

Thanks a million. You really helped me; I was stuck on this for few days.