Options Variant Pricing

When configuring the price modification in the options variants it currently modifies against the list price.

Is there a way for it to calculate base on the already modified price.

Example. Decal cost $4.99

Customer changes size to 24" / price now changes to $28.99

Now customer wants to add custom color, I want the modifier to increase the modified price of $28.99 by 20%…

Instead currently it just increases the list price of $4.99 by 20%

And calculates the new price as $29.99 instead of $34.79

Basically I want it to calculate the color price based on the size they choose.

Hope this makes some kind of sense… Any and all help is appreciated…

Nobody knows how the Variant Pricing works??

I've asked this in the past and the answer I got was it was not possible without modifying the code.

I'm in the same boat as you. One of the reasons I removed the reflective vinyl option on our site, no real way to recoup the cost.

In my experience, the trouble is that option modifers are not done consistently and are stored in the cart versus being applied. There is also a flag in the cart called “stored_price” which is set in many cases and this prevents options from being recalculated. Bottom line is that until there is a single method to acquire an option modifier and to identify the value to modify that it is not possible. The code modifications are extensive to account for the various ways that option modifiers are resolved. But I'm guessing that since they now will handle discounts for option combinations, that V3 may have addressed this.