Options modifiers headache

Hey all,

I have 2000 signs, between them all there are in total 35 product size options …problem is maybe 250 have option 1,2 and 3, 250 may have just option 1, 100 may have option 30,31,32, 10 may have option 1 and 2, blah bla, you get the idea.

each option above option 1 is more expensive so I need modifiers, I cant import them via csv so do i really have to set perhaps 1500 product option sizes with modifiers manually or can i set all 35 sizes somewhere and remove the ones i dont need or something.

Any shove in the right direction would be appreciated.


I made available a php curl script that would insert options in batch. The only thing you would need is to properly assign the array of products for each opton…