Options issue

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if we are limited to 70 options for any one product?

I am trying to add an item that has 83 options but as soon as I put the 71st option I get the following error…

Fatal error[color=#000000][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]: Cannot use string offset as an array in[/font][/color] /var/cache/templates/admin/%%E4^E42^E4252AD1%%mainbox.tpl.php[color=#000000][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,] on line [/font][/color]55

I’ve tried clearing the cache for what it’s worth but no luck…

If we are limited to 70 options, has anyone had a solution to the problem? I understand there’s probably not many items with that many options, but I have quite a few in my field and the next one I have has 129 so I do really need a solution if possible.