Options Import Does Not Recognize Language Codes


I’m trying to import Options into CS-Cart (4 languages at once) but the language code appears to being ignored during import. And I have no idea why…

Anybody have any suggestions where to look for the problem?

Import attempt 1: All four languages at once, whereby English (EN) is first data row

Result: the ‘Name’ of the variants in all 4 languages are now in English. In other words, the 3 other data rows are ignored

Import attempt 2: Import per language. So I tried German (DE)

Result: the ‘Name’ of the variants in all 4 languages are now in German. Again, it appears that the language code is ignored and that the import is being applied to all languages…

Please find enclosed both the Excel file in which Options were created and the txt file from which the import into CS-Cart is done.

Thanks in advance for any help!









Just an update on this strange problem.

Import file is UTF8 encoded, and CS-Cart accepts the file for import (no error messages).

What did happen recently: we installed foreign languages packs and that went wrong several times and the database had to be restored.

Could there something somewhere be corrupted in regards to the language codes?

I’m really stumped for an answer :confused: