Cant seem to wrap my head around these 3.

I Have lots of products with about 333 options.

Firstly, I will not have images of my product with ALL the options,

just the image that would be on the product.

Global Option works, .csv import on the Global option worked.

But drawback is thumbnail images on the product page are not zoomable, and would take up too

much space. Any fix here?

Option Combinations seem to have a .csv limit i cant figure out, But this would work because the option select box change shows a new image in the product image box. Is there an import restriction here i am missing? I cant manually add 333 combinations to 30 products :) Well I dont want to.....

Then I enabled the VARIATIONS plugin for a test product and had more issues with Variant maximum allowed, I,m hazy about this last one but it did pop up a view screen that looked like I would want.

Something more like a Gallery, were you can select image you want on the product.

I Know this verges on CUSTOM DESIGN addons, but truly i don't need anything THAT robust.

Thank you for ANY responses which will give me a direction

Here is a link to my test product with the options, Only the first few options have images now.


Ok , First off I now realize I did post this in the wrong area. This is not Multi-Vendor related.

Secondly, Uploading 333 option Variants with the .csv makes ANY changes to the Option freeze me out of the back end.

So is it just a fact that cs-cart cant handle this many variants? And if so is there an add on that will help.

I was wanting to use an image gallery in conjunction with my options.