Options and combinations images - again...


in cs cart 3 you can add images for every product combination and thumbs of that images in product options variants…That is perfect!

But again comes a question is there any easy way to upload or import these images BESIDES MANUALLY???

Sure…just go import/products/images, then upload the .csv you will have already created with the filepaths to your images.

(upload your images to your backup folder first)

The screenshot is for one of my products with 26 images.


edit! just realised you need option images …sorry no dont think so although I think someone did it through the database one time.

image upload.JPG

Hello John,

Do you remember how it was done via database? or may be thread link?

As I figured out the folllowing tables are involved for option thumbs:




cscart_product_option_variants_descriptions (to see the variant id description)

but for combinations it is something else…




Can not believe people still doing it manually (imagine 2000 combinations…all with own photo…)

Just create a product with options and upload option combo images manually then go view the tables image_links and images to understand the logic and duplicate it in coding.

I have this all setup automatically with our erp i wrote a full product import script but don't have the code handy to tell you. If I remember and have time I'll try to pull a bit together this coming week when I get back to the office

I am in need of this now too, 2900 products and at least 4 image variants for each, I am unsure of what to edit in my test database to get the images in there, can anyone give me some pointers