Optional Quantity

I attached picture. please see attached picture.

In case of Shoe size option...

size 2.5 : stock 1 shoes
size 3 : stock 2 shoes
size 4.5 : stock 3 shoes
size 5 : stock 4shoes
Where do I have to input each quantity / per size?
I want to input each quantities 1ea, 2ea, 3ea, 4ea /per each size.
I can NOT find menu to input “stock or quantity/ per option(size)”
Please let me know....



You can do few other things.

1. You can set "Track with options" in fileld "Inventory" in section "General" on product cart in admin panel

2. You can set checkbox "Inventory" in section "General" in Options.

3. Next you can generate "Options combinations".

4. And after in "Options combinations" you can set inventory for product options.

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You should use Option Combinations


or Product Variations