Option Variants Beta - Data Will Not Save On "text" & "text Area" If Product Is Using Option Variants.


Im seeking a little help or guidance in reguards to solving an issue with the new option variants - beta addon installed and running on my site (. Since the installation of this addon I have noticed a bug related to the other options that are present on the product. Is anyone else having issues with the "Text" and "Textarea" input fields on their products if using Product Variants?

I have many unique products on my site that are configured to use the option variants (color, shape, material, etc) which are used to generate specific base skus. Additionally, each item needs to have a short text area for the customer to add customization notes which is then used in the production of the item sold. Well, these customization notes are no longer being saved to the cart item. In fact most of the time when a customer types his/her notes into this textarea - as soon as they click anywhere else on the page this field clears the data int he field.

Testing Params:

  • If your product is setup to use option variants, you CANNOT have any other options on the product that use the option type "text" or "textarea". Apparently, these options are not being carried over to the cart item nor are they updated if you happen to enter some text in the then click the recalculate cart.
  • If i disable the addon (Option Variants - Beta) the textarea returns to normal working conditions as expected.

Version: Im running latest version (4.7 SP3) with no changes to the code base.

Anyone have a solution/patch for this that they can share? I really am not looking forward to rebuilding the bulk of my products due to this issue. I was excited about this new addon - but it's turning into a headache with the endless phone calls from customers asking why they can't add the additional notes to the products they are purchasing.

Thanks in advance for any help


You could post this to the bugtracker, if that is not what you desire we will be happy to help you out. Our email is sales@poppedweb.com


I'll post to the bug tracker. Thank you