Option - Variant question

I sell t-shirts among other things.

long and short sleeve

black or tan

4 to 6 sizes depending on which of the above combos we are talking about.

I can’t tell how much flexibility the Option - Variant feature gives me.

Am I better off setting up only one product…t-shirts with combos of sleeve length, color and size or should I set up:



plus an Option - Variant with each of those 2 products?

It really depends on how your pricing is structured. I’ve found that with multiple options, it works best to have multiple options on a product if only one option controls the pricing of the product. In other words, if the color doesn’t have a price modification on it but the size does then I would set up long sleeved shirt with a size option and a color option putting the base price in for the main product (long-sleeved shirt) and the price modifications in for the various sizes and no price modification for the color option. You would have a set of product combinations similar to the following:

Item: Long Sleeved Shirt


Size 4 - Color Black

Size 5 - Color Black


OR you could set up Long sleeved shirt + size as an option with color as a second option which then could allow you to also put the short sleeved shirt within this same product. This would give you a set of product combinations similar to the following:

Item: T-Shirt


Long sleeved (Size 4) - Color Black

Short sleeved (Size 4) - Color Black


Keep in mind you can put the option combinations in whatever order you want to appear on the customer side. There are many different ways to set up your options but just be aware of how to handle the pricing structure. That’s what gets a little hairy!

Hope this helps!



Stephanie, thanks, that makes it clear.