Option Quantity

I need the ability to add quantity as an option type. I sell equipment for vehicles. For example, I need for a customer to be able to order 10 LED Lights in whatever color they want in a drop down. But they also need to be able to order the number of brackets that they may need.

Customer orders:

6 Red/Blue LED Lights

1 Red/White LED Light

1 Blue/White LED Light

1 Red/Amber LED Light

1 Blue/Amber LED Light

No problem there.

However I need them to be able to order the brackets they may need:

L Bracket: 2 @ $8.00 ea.

License Plate Bracket: 1 @ 22.00 ea.

and calculate the total and add to cart. So I need CS-Cart to calculate the total of 10 LED Lights, 2 L brackets, and 1 License Plate Bracket.

Is there an addon for this?

Add more product options

1 for LEd lIghts

1 For Brackets where the cna choose L or licence plate brackets etc. And in these you can add option modifers for the extra costs

etc etc

Unfortunately that will not work. In that case the customer will end up with 10 L brackets and 10 License Plate brackets which is not what they want. They want 10 Lights, 2 L brackets, and 1 License Plat bracket (which holds two lights).

So if a customer ordered two lights, and selected the license plate bracket, they would get two brackets even though the bracket holds two lights, that would be unacceptable.

I need:

Option Name and a Qty Box. with price modifier

Thanks for you reply though.

I see, the old product configurator addon is what you need. They were discontinuing it but then I think they threw out the code for anyone to continue development. I think the alt team has one.



Awesome, thanks!