Option pricing slow or not updating at all

I can’t figure this one out and my host says they don’t see any server issues causing the problem.

When I select an option that adds to the cost it either doesn’t update the cost or is slow to do so. I see this randomly (like every few months) as I am on my site daily using it to figure cost. But the issue always seems to just fix itself magically. See https://fastdecals.com/shop/mix-bag/square-decal-sticker.html for an example. I am finding sometimes it changes the price and other times it doesn’t. I noticed if I select a color (option 2), the price does get calculated but it seems to stall for a second in doing so.

Anyone know what could be causing this? Nothing we updated recently. Cache was cleared. I use Cloudflare if that could be anything.

I have noticed that if you wait for “something” to load it works properly. It is like something is slow to run on the server instead of being instant as it was before. If you notice below the main image I have a size calculator. That will be at a random number that is 360 but this should default to the size in step 1. So it should be 1 when the page loads. But it will remain 360 for like 3-10 seconds so if you try and select the size in that time it does not update the price. But if you let the page load completely where that size box updates to 1, then it works as it normally does. Not sure what is loading so slow causing the issue.

I had someone working on some CLS issues weeks ago and they made some changes recently so had them look at it and now it has been resolved.