Option Pricing Question

I have a product that comes in packs. Each pack size costs is different obviously. The way cs-cart displays is as base price and each pack size is an additional cost.

This seems confusing to me…any way to show the cost of each pack size in total rather than as a an added ocst WITHOUT creating separate products for each?

You could set the base product price to $0.00 then your first product option be 1 pack and in the drop down have it shown as 1 Pack ($5.00) and the modifier being 5, then the next option 2 Packs ($10.00) etc. When the page loads the default selection will be the 1 Pack option. The problem with this method is if you're submitting datafeeds you don't have a price for the product. But you could simply submit a data feed with the price of 1 pack

You'll have to set the product option to allow customers to add the product to their cart when the price is 0