Option percentage?

Hi guys i thought i would repost this here as it was lost in the version 1.x part of the forums. does anyone have any ideas?

[QUOTE]Anyone have an idea of a way to change the option Percent modifier type so that the percentage is based on the adjusted price of an item (the new price after previous options have been selected)?

We’re trying to make the very last option an extended warranty, and were hoping to make its cost a percentage of the total item cost. But as it is, it’s just adding that percentage of the item’s base price (before any options were selected).

i.e. if the user selects 5 previous options that add $500 to a $100 item (600 total), the 10% increase should be $60, not $10

Any ideas on how to make this happen? [/QUOTE].




can someone maybe at least point me in the right direction so i can figure out the rest?

[quote name=‘Marticus’]anyone?

can someone maybe at least point me in the right direction so i can figure out the rest?[/QUOTE]

Hello Marticus,

A lot of code modifications are required to get it. You can make them by yourself or offer third-party development work on this forum or contact our developers using our Customer Help Desk.

Thank you.

Mikhail Ponomarev

CS-Cart Support team

All I can say is that it can be done. Though I don’t know what code is used. My whole pricing structure is based off is something similar to what you are requesting. I’ve paid CS to custom develop this for me (3 times now since I’ve upgraded the cart). So it is possible.

OP was 2011 - has this ever been addressed? This is fundamental behaviour of an option modifier and I can find no way of getting % of total modified value… i.e. % of price or % of final product value…

I need the same thing for a client. Frustrating that this has been done previously but not documented anywhere.