Option not showing up correctly on invoice.


I upgraded to 2.2.1 last weekend and today I noticed a problem with options displaying correctly in the order confirmation email and printable invoice. The order I received today was for a toddler bedding set. The option was a checkbox to add a matching bed skirt. The customer did not check the box to add the skirt. When you view the order in the admin area, the option displays correctly, showing “No” beside the product option. However, the email shows a number beside the product option since the upgrade. Here's how it looks…


Fire Truck 5 Piece Toddler Bedding Set - Boys Comforter

Code: FireTruck-Tod

Options: Matching Toddler Bed Skirt (28" x 52" x 10"): 465


I've searched the forum and the Bug Tracker and haven't found a solution. Hoping someone can help with this.

Thank you,

Jennifer Zint




I did some more testing on this this morning. Most of the options on my site are either select boxes or check boxes so that is what I tested. Here’s what I found.

The problem with Options appearing as numbers instead of text (ie 465 instead No) only seems to occur on the checkboxes and it is only on the email invoices or when you click “print invoice” link (html or pdf). When you are simply viewing the order in the admin, everything looks ok.

I also discovered that it is only happening on new orders. Older orders (prior to upgrading to 2.2.1) do not have this issue, even when I click the print invoice link now. I did upgrade to 2.2.2 this morning and the issue is still present.

Hope someone will take a look and help me out with this one. I really don’t want to have to go change all of my checkbox options to select boxes. :(



I am also having a problem with the invoice not displaying the options. When I click the print packing slip, it shows all the correct information, but some of the information is missing on the invoice.

Has anyone fixed this?


When I look at the options_info.tpl, the problem is with the {$po.variant_name}. The invoice.tpl does not print the information, but the print_packing_slip.tpl does. I can not find the difference in any other files that says for the {$po.variant_name} not to print.

It appears to be when the {$po.variant_name} is information from a text box.

I added this issue to the bug tracker and it was confirmed to be a bug. It will be fixed in the next version, but they provided the information on how to implement the fix before then in the post. Here is the link.


Hope this helps.