Option id _L importing

cs-cart 2.0.11

I’ve been trying to import a global option and looking at the documentation


Product options import format {%Option ID[_L]%}%Option name%: %Option type%[{%Variant 1 ID%}%Variant 1%,{%Variant 2 ID%}%Variant 2%,{%Variant N ID%}%Variant N%] where,

%Option ID% - the id of the option,

L - optional parameter, means that it is a linked global option of the product.

%Option name% - the name of the option,

%Option type% - the option type, can be the following:

S - selectbox,

R - radiogroup,

C - checkbox,

I - simple input,

T - textarea.

%Variant N ID% - the id of the variant,

%Variant N% - the name of the variant. Variants must be specified if the option type is a selectbox or radiogroup only.

Several options must be delimited by semicolon.


_L needs to be put in the line. ( I’m trying to use global options as that way all the percentages are there for the item that i cant do with normal import)

I have tried all ways (as below) to do this but cant seem to get it working

the global option is called upto10

{[_L]}upto10: s

[_L]upto10: S[Qty 1,Qty 3…5% off,Qty 10…10% off]

{1525_L}upto10: S[{5411}Qty 1,{5412}Qty 3…5% off,{5413}Qty 10…10% off]


{_L}upto10: S[Qty 1,Qty 3…5% off,Qty 10…10% off]

Has anyone the way to do this or understands the syntex (as all the brackets have me confused). I’m not even sure it will sort out the percentage thing, but hoping it will

You cannot import global options -END-

You can import the global option namespace but you cannot import the actual options and variables (price / weight) that is needed to make it “fully” compliant as an import.

for the time being, continue to do this manually.


I spent most of yesterday coming to the same conclusion

All i can see is the _L put actual list into global options. It didnt apply that global option to the product. I will have to do this manually.

Thanks for your help.