Option Combinations Image Gallery

it would be nice to have the ability to create a separate image gallery depending on what option they choose, for example, if I have a dress available in black, red and green, by default, the black comes up, and it shows the different images for black, but if they switch to green, it would be nice to have the gallery switch to the images for the green rather than having to have all of the color variations and their different views (front, side, back) for every possible variation.

I mean, if I wanted to see the images for the red or black dress, I wouldn’t have switched to the green to begin with…

I think alt team has an addon for this

Dear Luckdragon,

We have the add-on "Variant Images" that meets your demands.

P.S. John, thank you for remembering our company products.

Best regards, Alt-team.

will definitely have to take a look into this :) thank you

I do have a question though, if I’m running a multi-store instance of CSC I technically have 1 license, correct? so do I need just 1 license for this, or do I need one for each store instance? (new to how multi-store licensing works for add-ons)